Institute Management System

Institute Management System

Institute Management Solution is a Customize and user-friendly software with fully automated and integrated browser-based total workflow automation system for managing the academic process of Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Training Academies and Universities. Institute Management System seamlessly integrates the existing manual or semi-automated process, starting from candidates/students enquiry, registration, time-table allocation, course allocation, attendance tracking, examination management, payment management, staff management, facility management, library management, logistics management and allows the management to compare and creatively analyze the data to enhance the student, teacher / lecturer and other staff performances.

With a very high level of security and functional models this is the best and easy to use software for any kind of Institute. The administration of educational institutions is a tough and demanding one. It involves the collecting, storing and sharing of mounds of data, which is a laborious and tedious task. It is also time consuming and prone to human errors when it is done manually. So why you can't try our solution that provides all that you need for the smooth functioning of the institutions. Please feel free to contact us; we are always there to guide you to run your institute in easy and accurate way.

Benifits of IMS ::

  • Reduction of Administrative Costs
  • View the status of all the legal agreement done by the institute
  • Analyze the Performance of a class as a whole through Student.
  • Reduce Administrative workload.
  • Increase work flow in the system.
  • Rapid searching of database.
  • Save time.
  • Save manpower.
  • ncreasing efficiency in work.
  • Results in substantial cost savings.
  • Improve & Streamline Work / Process.
  • Reduced Errors and Duplication of Works.
  • Consolidation of Information.
  • View the status of all the legal agreement done by the institute.

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